"Murals of Richmond" Book Coming from Mickael Broth and Chop Suey



Richmond has earned a rep as one of the best destinations on the East Coast for public murals. Now it's getting some hardcover proof.

Muralist Mickael Broth says he is releasing a coffee table book,"Murals of Richmond," through Chop Suey Books Books publishing next fall. The 220-page book will feature mostly photos as well as short interviews with some of the artists involved. Veteran muralist Ed Trask is writing the foreword.

"Last fall, someone posted online asking if there was a book of murals and it was one of those moments like, well - wait a minute, there should be!" Broth says. "I got a ton of content from my first Facebook post. Marc Schmidt [from RVA Magazine] submitted a lot."

"We want to capture how the city has changed," Broth explains. "Also these are not works of bronze, they aren't going to be around forever. Many of the works that will be in the book are already painted over. We really want to capture the connection between the international art scene and local scene."

Asked about the legal permission for the images, Chop Suey Books owner Ward Tefft says that they certainly will be consulting with a copyright lawyer before anything official happens.

"The book really is a history of sorts," Tefft notes. "And it's perfect for us, because we're working with a friend as well as documenting the art scene."

Local artists have gotten "tons of opportunities out of [making murals]," Broth adds. "Myself included. I've somehow made a career out of this [laughs]."

The open call for photo submissions won't last much longer. But Broth still needs more, as he recently posted on Facebook (see below for address). Oh, and this should be obvious, but don't send him the janky, poorly lit ones.

"Thanks to everyone who has been sending images and content for the Murals of Richmond book I’m working on with Chop Suey. We are getting close to the layout phase and wanted to put out one final call for contributions. If you’ve got high quality images (sharp focus, good lighting, etc.) of finished works or artists working, feel free to drop a line at muralsofrichmond@gmail.com. We’d particularly love any images of the RVA Street Art Festival at the old bus depot. Also, old mural/sign work (pre-2010) and legal graffiti walls (office equipment rental wall, old stuffys wall, etc). Please and thanks!!"

Keep an eye out for a possible Kickstarter to handle pre-sales for the book.