Actor Val Kilmer Appearing at Funny Bone on Feb. 22

Will introduce film version of his one-man play about Mark Twain.



Actor, writer and director, Val Kilmer, known for his roles in "Top Gun" and "The Doors," will appear at Richmond Funny Bone on Thursday, Feb. 22 to introduce the film "Cinema Twain" -- which is a recording of his one-man play about Mark Twain ("Citizen Twain").

Tickets start at $30 and will include a Q&A with Kilmer as well a chance to meet the actor for VIP ticket holders. Go here for more. The show is ages 21 and over.

Kilmer is recovering from throat cancer and not long ago appeared in a haunting music video for the electronic artist Oneohtrix that was shot by Richmond filmmaker Rick Alverson.

From the Funny Bone website:

A master of reinvention, Kilmer transforms himself into the “First American,” Mark Twain, in a comedic and moving performance that is both contemporary and reflective. The piece is based on the life of the man, Samuel Clemens, and of course his writings as Mark Twain. From his thoughts on politics (including his famous disdain for the U.S. Congress), to his family and ultimately his faith and God, Twain spins a series of yarns with his timeless satire and incomparable wit.

Mr. Kilmer will introduce the 90-minute film and conduct a question and answer period with the audience following the screening. VIP ticket holders will have an opportunity to meet Val, chat, and take photos after the Q&A.

Val Kilmer wrote, produced, directed and starred in "Citizen Twain" a one-man play about Mark Twain as well as "Cinema Twain" the film of the play.

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