Event Pick: Meet-A-Bandmate for First Time’s The Charm RVA

Meet-up seeks to help diversify the local music scene.


Local band Atta Girl performs at First Time’s The Charm RVA, which was inspired by a similar event in Philadelphia.
  • Local band Atta Girl performs at First Time’s The Charm RVA, which was inspired by a similar event in Philadelphia.

Sometimes, all it takes is an idea to supplement change within a creative community. In 2015, a group of individuals set out to create an opportunity to incorporate a more inclusive feeling to their local music scene. As inspired by Philadelphia’s similar efforts the year prior, the first annual First Time’s The Charm RVA took place and a new tradition was born.

FTTC RVA is an event that’s focused to encourage anyone that feels they are marginally represented within the local music scene to change that by forming new bands with other like-minded aspiring musicians. In many cases, these new bands are the first bands that any of the participants have ever been a part of.

In the third incarnation, the collective known as Elbow Room is ready to celebrate this year’s FTTC RVA and they want to invite every interested party to join them Saturday, March 25 at Gallery 5 to meet one another.

If any interested bands can answer “yes” to any of the following questions: Does your band include any of the following: women, people of color, queer and/or trans folks, or someone who is differently abled in any way? Then Gallery 5 will be the place to fulfill your desires of forming your dream band.

In past incarnations of FTTC RVA, groups like the twee pop of Atta Girl, the queercore power-violence of Fetish Gear, the ambient avant garde Tavishi and several others have grown from this event to become regular performing acts around town. The band you form on Saturday could easily grow to become another mainstay. This is the perfect opportunity to break down any existing barriers within the music scene with the hopes of creating a more inclusive community where all artists can find a space to spread their creativity.

The meet a bandmate event will be held at Gallery5, 200 W. Marshall St. on Saturday, May 25 at 2 p.m. This summer, the third annual FTTC RVA event will be hosted at Strange Matter on Saturday, June 24.

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