Pick: My Darling Fury (FeedMore Benefit) at Broadberry



Sharing is the flip side of feasting, and if you can dance to it, so much the better. The overstuffed charitable choice for this long weekend is Saturday night’s all-star FeedMore benefit at the Broadberry. Social consciousness is an integral part of the mix with organizer/headliner, My Darling Fury, a three piece band with an artfully-crafted orchestral sound and the powerhouse vocals of Danny Reyes.

Also on the bill, the poetic EDM-tinged Anousheh, Brooklyn-based electronic music explorer Nerve Leak, singer/songwriter Sean Barna, and soulful loop music architect Kenneka Cook. All in all, a great way to leave the leftovers behind and shake off the tryptophan sluggishness with a full night of feeling good while doing good.

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