Meet This Year's New Group Slide Fetish


Richmond International Raceway is about to have a bad trip.
  • Richmond International Raceway is about to have a bad trip.

Remember when everybody got all jacked up and forked over their hard-earned dollars for a flappy water slide that ran through downtown Richmond? I never heard much about how that turned out.

Anyway, this year, that same kiddie-flavored love is bubbling around a recently announced Blacklight slide event at Richmond International Raceway scheduled for Saturday, June 3 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. (They call it a "night event," but not sure organizers understand that it will still be light outside during that summer time window.)

So just what is a blacklight slide party, you ask? Pretty sure you guessed already.

The FB page calls it a "unique night experience focused on UV Neon Glowing fun [sic]." Yes, there will be "dark water" (gross) running through the slide again, but this time you'll be glowing. According to organizers, the event will feature one of the "top DJs in the country" and before its over, you and your white swimsuit will "look like you fell into a 'Ghostbusters' movie." Like, omg. Selfie-heaven!

Just make sure your "dark water" slide doesn't commingle with any vomit puddles of Cheetos and Wild Irish Rose left by a guy named Earle during a Nascar event. Or just screw it: It's not like you'll be able to tell the difference between the "dark water" or an oil slick . . . or Earle's amazing, technicolored hurl.

Here's some video of this chain event from a previous happening in Austin, Texas. Hear that scene-marketers? Cover yourself in neon paint and maybe -- just maybe -- Richmond will be the next Austin.

This is NOT an officially sanctioned acid test, people. Lube yourself with fun. Be somebody, Richmond.

Tickets for our very own RVA blacklight slide event are $20 now (early bird special) but the price for FUN goes up to $50 on Nov. 23. You can give your money away here.

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