Gwar Unleashes Election Day Slaughter

Band takes candidates to the Onion AV Club for cover of AC/DC classic.


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Michael Bishop, a.k.a. Blothar on the mic.
  • Michael Bishop, a.k.a. Blothar on the mic.

Nobody does the covers at the Onion's Undercover series quite like Gwar.

The band keeps getting asked back because they're great musicians and their choices are amazing -- everything from Kansas to Billy Ocean to Jim Carroll.

Which brings us to today's election day special cover of AC/DC's "If You Want Blood (You Got It)" which also features our presidential candidates returning to the primordial ooze and getting dirty.

Watch this and you'll see why Michael Bishop, a.k.a. Blothar, is one of the greatest rock vocalists that Richmond has ever produced. You'll notice he mixes a little Brockie in with his Bon Scott, in loving tribute we're sure, toward the beginning ("People of the AV Club").

You can check out the carnage here at the Onion. Turn it up.