Video Round-Up: Avers Drops a New Video and Forest Hill Trio Honors Amy Winehouse

Plus Heartracer releases electro-pop song online.


A still from the video for Avers' "Vampire."
  • A still from the video for Avers' "Vampire."

Richmond bands have been busy this week.

Avers, a group that is about to release its sophomore effort, released a song via Noisey from that album. The poppy "Vampire" features a tribute to their sound guy, Patrick Ball, shown grooving all over RVA. We think you'll recognize plenty of local landmarks in the video.

Also, the Forest Hill Trio is paying tribute to Amy Winehouse, who died young five years ago, with a cover video of her classic, "Valerie." The musicians involved are from the RVA-based band, the Shack Band, and the video was shot and recorded at Red Amp Audio on Grace.

Hunter Pease from Forest Hill Trio answered a few e-mail questions about the Winehouse video and the group:

How did the idea come about?

Hunter Pease: We began playing together because our bigger project, The Shack Band, would get requests for Josh and I to do acoustic sets at some of our private events. When Corey Wells joined the band, he naturally fit right in to the acoustic aspect of our sound so we added him to Josh And I's set and created the trio. If you had told me a few months ago that we would be recording an Amy Winehouse song in the studio I wouldn't have believed you.

Why did you choose this Winehouse song??

I discovered "Valerie" when we decided to cover it in the shack band. I had never really listened to Amy but when I heard this song it really grabbed me. . I then watched the documentary, "Amy," and absolutely fell in love. Her lyrics, her phrasing, her melodic truly touched a part of my musical soul that desperately needed it at that particular time in my life. It revitalized me in a lot of ways. It felt like a musical awakening. I immediately drove to BK music store down the street and bought her albums. They honestly haven't left the stereo since then. It's all I've listened to.

What does she represent to to you?

She represents a style of music and freedom that really speaks to me as an artist. Her voice so unmistakably unique and powerful, I truly can't get enough of it. It's such a shame that everything happened the way it's such a terrible loss for music but more importantly it's a loss for everyone who loved the person she was. I'm so grateful for discovering her music, it forever changed me as a musician.

Also released this week at a site called PureVolume, Richmond electro-pop band Heartracer wants you to hear its "Dreamgirl" song. Their "Eat Your Heart Out" EP will be released in Sept.

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