Guitarist Steve Gunn Performing Steady Sounds In-store on July 12


Matador recording artist, Steve Gunn.
  • Matador recording artist, Steve Gunn.

In a rare in-store appearance, guitarist Steve Gunn will perform for free at Steady Sounds (322 W. Broad St.) on Tuesday, July 12 from 2 to 3 p.m. He has no shows scheduled here this tour so this will be your only chance to catch him locally.

I saw him play a few years ago at a Hopscotch Paradise of Bachelors day party in the lovely outdoor Little Raleigh Theater. It was a memorable set of relaxed, mellow guitar music that would likely appeal equally to indie rock fans and some Deadheads. The songs are intricate, often circular and can feel somewhat spiritual/psychedelic.

Here's a story we ran on Gunn when he played Strange Matter in 2014.

The critically acclaimed musician was recently written about in the New Yorker by author and all-around cool gal, Amanda Petrusich, who describes his work and how it stands apart:

Indie rock, or at least the iterations I know, can feel deliberately twitchy, like riding shotgun in a manual transmission Toyota being driven by someone who never learned how to shift. What Gunn does is less antagonistic and more fluid. Nearly all of the songs on his seventh album, “Eyes on the Lines,” his first for Matador Records, feature warm, circling melodies and countermelodies, played expertly and with extraordinary depth by Gunn and the guitarist James Elkington. While Gunn’s work is sometimes challenging and often ingenious—he is a practiced and skillful guitarist—it is also hugely pleasurable to consume. Spiritually, if not musically, it is a beer can in a jokey foam koozie, consumed in four gulps on a midsummer’s night.

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