Specialty Retailer 2nd and Charles Opening in July

Tuckernuck Square Location To Hire 50 Employees.


Image from the company's website.
  • Image from the company's website.

Eclectic retailer 2nd & Charles, which specializes in trading books, video games, vinyl records and collectibles, announced it will be opening a 36,000 square foot space in Tuckernuck Square shopping center at 9004 W. Broad St. in late July.

The motto on their website is: "It's not used, it's pre-loved."

This will be the national company's third Virginia store -- the other two are in Midlothian and Woodbridge, Va.

According to a press release:

In preparation for the opening, management is set to hire more than 50 employees in the coming weeks. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the new 2nd & Charles store location to participate in an interview or learn more about open positions with the company.

“Richmond is the perfect place for us to further expand our presence in Virginia,” said Scott Kappler, vice president of marketing for 2nd & Charles. “With an incredible assortment of new and used items, 2nd & Charles is all about discovering unusual finds. We look forward to providing the community with this very different kind of shopping and trading experience.”

2nd & Charles buys and sells new and used books, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray, video games, game systems, vinyl records, comic books, electronics, toys, collectibles and more. Customers wishing to sell their own used items can check them upon arrival and redeem for cash or store credit.

The used-bookshop-meets-modern-marketplace concept, which draws a diverse audience of gamer fanatics, pop culture junkies, movie buffs, bookworms and much more, offers over 300,000 items in more than three miles of stocked shelf space. Store inventory is replenished daily, resulting in an ever-changing treasure trove of both novel and vintage books, accessories and games galore.

Additional details regarding grand opening festivities will be announced soon. For more information about 2nd & Charles, visit 2ndandcharles.com.

Here is a list from their website of things they buy:


CDs in original cases.

DVDs & BLU-RAY movies & TV boxed sets.

VIDEO GAMES past and present, from the Playstation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 to the NES, Sega Genesis, and Atari.

GAME SYSTEMS & ACCESSORIES old and new, with all necessary cords and at least one controller. We also buy extra controllers.

COMICS preferably bagged and boarded, but definitely in good shape. We also buy graphic novels and manga.

iPADS and other tablets (USB cord required).

iPODS with their USB cord (please leave at least one song on the player for testing).

eREADERS like NOOK and Kindle, with all necessary cables.

VINYL RECORDS with original cover art.


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