Memorial for Jay Moritz Tonight at Hardywood (Feb. 22)


Local musician Jay Moritz played in bands Snack Truck, Brainworms, Little Master, Antlers and Whoa!
  • Local musician Jay Moritz played in bands Snack Truck, Brainworms, Little Master, Antlers and Whoa!

The local music community has been grieving of late.

Tonight, there will be a celebratory memorial service (Feb. 22) at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery for the much-beloved local musician, Jay Moritz, who recently passed away after a two-year battle with melanoma. The event starts at 7:30 p.m.

His wife Elizabeth, with whom he ran the Seven Hills Studio Salon in Church Hill, told me on Saturday that the memorial will feature a professionally edited video of a live performance by Moritz’s former group, Snack Truck.

"We hope to begin the tradition of donating towards cancer research in Jay's honor with a party celebrating his life," she says, noting that they will have a merchandise table of buttons, tapes, t-shirts, and posters, all given in exchange for donations towards Massey Cancer Center.

The festivities also include dinner, provided by generous donations from Richmond's finest dining establishments, a DJ spinning exclusively from Jay's vinyl collection, an open-mic hour, an interactive shrine, Photo Booth, possibly kittens for adoption ("not my idea, but Jay would love that, so I let it slide" she says) and the aforementioned video premiere. "For those who can't make it in person, the event will be live streamed," she says.

To continue his legacy, a non-profit record label, Moritz Music, is on course to set up it's home base. A portion of the proceeds, again, would go towards cancer research.

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And if you missed the obituary that ran about Moritz, here it is:

"Ladies and Sirs, May we now present to you the late Gentleman Jay Moritz in permanent form. We know you are going to like him. He is a jolly fellow, one of those rare individuals, everlastingly young, a distinct personality and famous throughout the land for his sterling qualities and genuine good fellowship. His friends number in the millions- those who are great and those who are near great as you and I. He is jovial and ever ready to accept the difficult role of "Life of the Party," a sympathetic friend who may be relied upon in any emergency. Follow his advice and there will be many pleasant times in store for you."