Local Actor Hays Wellford To Appear on NBC's "The Black List"

And online series profiles Fan barbershop in premiere episode.


A still from "The American Barber."
  • A still from "The American Barber."

Rising young actor Hays Wellford, who was profiled here last May, will appear in the hit NBC show "The Black List" on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 9 p.m.

His dad, Armistead Wellford (ex-Love Tractor member) tells me he's not completely sure about the role "but I know Hays plays an autistic and mute child that went missing and [is] maybe presumed a lost cause but reappears or is discovered a few years late."

Here's a preview of the show, in which Wellford is pictured in a missing child alert.

You may recall that Wellford was one of the leads in the acclaimed indie film "Cop Car" with Kevin Bacon.

Also, fans of the busy High Point Barbershop in the Fan should check out the premiere episode of a new online series, "American Barber" (which you can watch in the video below).

Congrats to the High Point guys, one of whom discusses in the episode how he's really "in the business of giving people confidence" -- which in RVA often comes with a beard and pompadour look.

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