VIDEO: NBC-12's 1991 Sign-Off is a Slow Jam Down Memory Lane


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Come with us to the magical year of 1991. A simpler time. A slower time, when TV stations hadn't yet become voracious, gnashing maws of 24-hour content and a never-ending news cycle.

Enjoy a classy parade of Richmond imagery in this sign-off video from NBC-12, featuring a host of familiar faces all backed by that most '90s of instruments: the saxophone. So much saxophone.

Be on the lookout for:

- That snazzy Polly Pocket pink-and-white news set
- Meterologist Jim Duncan in boat shoes and a blazer
- Flying confetti at a children's telethon
- The University of Virginia Rotunda, for some reason
- Anchor Sabrina Squire, who we swear hasn't aged a day in almost 25 years

And don't forget to shed a tear for longtime former sports anchor Ben Hamlin, who left the sports desk in 2008.

(Hat tip to the nostalgia-hounds over at the RVA Subreddit for the find!)


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