Thrills and Spills

Coalition Theater has a little fun with the hype of the UCI Road World Championships.


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The comedy team at Coalition Theater celebrated the 10th episode of its late-night talk show -- which is made for television but unfolds onstage -- downtown during First Friday.

"RVA Tonight with Beau Cribbs," features the classic talk-show fare: an affable host with a ripped-from-the-headlines monologue, a witty sidekick (who experimented with his robot stand-in), local guests (Feast RVA's Johnny Hugel and Josh Epperson, with a cocktail demonstration from Mattias Hägglund of Heritage), and a band with a musical guest, Sam Reed.

But television shows aren't complete without commercials, and in the case of "RVA Tonight," they allow Coalition Theater performers to stretch their comedic chops in a mix of live-action ads and videos. Words from sponsors at the Sept. 4 show included a "Cash for Eggs" business, a promo for the new hidden-camera television show by Donald Trump and Fox, called "Trump'd,"and this over-the-top spoof of the big bike race coming to Richmond in two weeks, the UCI Road World Championships:

Courtesy RVA Tonight with Beau Cribbs on Vimeo.

The next "RVA Tonight with Beau Cribbs" airs, or more accurately, appears before a live planetarium-theater audience, on Thursday, Oct. 1, presented in conjunction with RVA Makerfest at the Science Museum of Virginia.


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