Crossroads Founders to Launch

Site will feature all local artists, launches May 15


Since 2002, the owners of Crossroads Art Center have been showcasing emerging and established artists in their 25,000 square foot exhibition space off Staples Mill road.

Now owner Jenni Kirby and business party Cathy Fallin are launching, a website "for people living in RVA to discover everything that is art." She says it will focus on visual and performing arts.

Kirby says that while they are still in the construction phase of the site, they are looking for introductions to any visual and performing arts groups that should be included. The site will launch on May 15 with the members they have and add members throughout the year, she said in an email to Style Weekly.

The cost for artists ranges from $360 a year to $600 for advertising and e-commerce; a 25 percent commission is paid to BuyRVAArt. For galleries, the cost for a year ranges from $360 to $1800. Art priced must meet a minimum of $50.

Click below for a video about the project from the organizers:

Describing the site, Kirby wrote that, on the visual arts side, the website will welcome all fine art artists, galleries, and cultural institutions who want to advertise their art or organization. She hopes it will become the number one site for art classes, interior designers, framers, art suppliers, clothing designers, art studios, decorative art, edible art, and floral art.

"Yes, you will be able to shop local artists and galleries from your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone," she says. "You will be able to find all the art classes in RVA in one place. You will be able to find a designer that can transform your house into a home."

The performing arts side will include: dancers, poets, storytellers, film makers, actors, musicians, bands, jugglers, comedians. She gives examples of performing arts organizations such as dance and ballet companies, theater groups, theater venues, organizations who teach dance, and film companies.