VIDEO: Avers "Evil"

Band world premieres song at Nylon fashion site.



Local band Avers premiered the video for its song "Evil" today at the website for fashion magazine Nylon.

The hypnotic, psych-pop blues vamp was filmed at the local home of band members Alex Spalding and Adrian Olsen by the Flies Collective from Brooklyn. Odessa Hott, daughter of percussionist Johnny Hott (House of Freaks), plays the young lead who appears to be undergoing some minor epiphany while day-glo hipsters swirl around her in slo-mo. Maybe she's recalling those ankle boots she wanted from Urban Outfitters, who knows?

Despite her name, I'm not sure Hott is old enough to be at such a crazy party with handcuffs and guys pouring beer down their hairy valleys. Be forewarned, Avers, Richmond's CAPS could see this video and bust down your door for an underage I.D. violation under the guise of the noise ordinance. You won't hear them coming.

But seriously, the band's not even home. Avers has been hitting the road hard in recent weeks. Expect a big splash around its next album, which Olsen says will be out later this year.

"We finished our northeast tour last night in D.C. and are starting our southern tour today in Chapel Hill and continuing down to SXSW supporting ELEL, the Districts, and Surfer Blood on various dates," says Olsen via Facebook message.

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