Carytown Cupcakes Now Offering Live Music

Music weekends start Feb. 20 -- and you can drink too.



Carytown Cupcakes is not just for cupcakes anymore.

Starting this Friday, Feb. 20, the shop at 3111 W. Cary St. will offer live music every Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Some people might not know this, but Carytown Cupcakes also now serves alcoholic drinks.

"We wanted to create a space where people can have a nice date night," says owner Dawn Schick. "Some people after dinner want to have a sweet, maybe others with them want a craft beer or glass of Prosecco."

The owners had to have a mixed beverage law amended that would allow bakeries to serve other kinds of alcohol, she explains. They got their license last July and now alcohol sales must account for 10 percent of overall food sales.

"You know how Richmond is: if you don't fall in a checkbox on a form, its difficult to find out what the process is," says Schick. "It was somewhat time consuming, we started working in January of last year. After a bunch of legwork, it was passed unanimously."

Schick says the next few months will be a trial run for the music series and that so far, serving alcohol hasn't caused any problems.

To find out more about the performers, visit:

Here is the upcoming schedule:

Dickie Wood (Americana)- Feb. 20, March 27

Elana Lisa (Blues & Rock)- Feb. 22, March 1, March 15

Bernard (Celtic)- March 13

Haze (Folk & Alt-Country)- Feb. 27, March 8, March 20, March 22, March 29

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