Born Under A Bad Sign

LGBT group photo planned to protest I95 billboard this Sunday.



News outlets around the country are picking up the local story of a dishonest billboard off I95 which features supposed twins attempting to discredit scientific research on homosexuality ("No One is Born Gay").

Turns out the South African model on the sign is openly gay and not a twin, but why worry about facts when demonizing?

Paid for by PFOX (Parents and Friends of ex-gays), the billboard near the Belvidere exit is an interpretation of a Northwestern University Dept. of Psychology study that the study's own author disagreed with during an interview with LGBT Science.

The billboard is set to come down Jan. 4, but the company who posted it [Lamar Advertising] has been getting calls from angry residents who don't want to wait that long, as reported by Channel 8 News.

Meanwhile, Bill Harrison at Gay Community Center of Richmond has issued a public invitation: "You are invited to participate in a group photo that will be used to contest the 'No One Is Born Gay' billboard message sponsored by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays. The billboard is located on I95 and has caused considerable outrage.

Please join us Sunday, Dec. 14th at 3:15 PM at the Richmond Gay Community Center, 1407 Sherwood Avenue, 23220. The photo will be used through social media and hopefully as a billboard posting. The picture will be taken at the event hall parking lot on the east end of the building. Please help spread the word and invite all LGBT friends and allies in this historic time in our community."

“This is yet another opportunity for us to challenge ignorance by simply telling the truth," Harrison tells Style. "The billboard has incited so much anger from people across the nation that we wanted to do something that would allow lots of people to react in a positive manner. Conversion therapy does not work. The number of suicides of people, especially teens who participated, has proven that.”

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