Need a Portrait? Why You're In Luck.


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Photographer and filmmaker Alex Kreher wants to pay it forward.

So he's offering Help-Portrait RVA. He's gathered some 50 volunteers, including photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists, to come together on Dec. 6 at the VCU Depot at 808 W. Broad St. to offer professional portraits, taken, printed and delivered for free.

He tells me it's meant primarily for the homeless and low-income families. Here's a video of the project in another city.

For the Richmond event, Kreher says he has partnered with the Daily Planet, World Pediatric Project, St. Andrew's School, Richmond Habitat for Humanity and the Veteran's Project -- not to mention Mama J's Kitchen, Red Bull, Vita Coco and Christian's Pizza are donating food and drinks.

Kreher has done events like these before in Portland, ME.

"It was so powerful to see how such a simple thing like a photo can really make a huge impact on the people who couldn't afford a professional photograph," he says.

About now you're probably wanting more details: the event is this Saturday, Dec. 6 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Don't forget to brush your teeth so that smile pops.


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