Style Creative Director Featured on New Fox Show



Congratulations are in order for Ed Harrington, Style Weekly's dryly observant creative director as well as the award-winning illustrator behind our weekly comic "The HR Department."

Commercials have begun airing for the upcoming Fox crime dramedy "Backstrom" starring Rainn Wilson, and you'll notice that Harrington's illustrations are being used in commercials for the show.

Harrington says that producers of the show saw his work on his Instagram page @nothinghappenedtoday.

"I gave them seven character illustrations depicting different crime scenes with a twist," Harrington says. "The one that's up now in the commercial is Backstrom over a body eating a hoagie."

The show starts airing in 2015, which is when we expect Harrington to start flashing money around the office and taking extended weekend trips to L.A.

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