Gwar Pays Touching Tribute To Brockie in Pet Shop Boys Video

Premieres today on the Onion's A.V. Club



The timing is almost perfect.

Were he still alive, Dave Brockie would've been the jolliest, loudest man in Richmond today after the victory of his beloved Washington football team over the Dallas Cowboys last night in overtime.

Almost in celebration of this moment, the Onion humor website's AV Club just released a new cover of the Pet Shop Boys' 1984 hit "West End Girls" performed by the newly constituted Gwar. In the video, the song segues perfectly into a blistering punk rendition of Jim Carroll's "People Who Died" with the lyrics changed to be filled with former Richmonders and others close to the group who have passed away. You can check the NSFW video out above and the lyrics are listed below.

Of course, the band took the chance to give a shout out to Oderus Urungus, aka Brockie, belted on the final verse by frontman Michael Bishop: "Oderus I miss you more than all the others/I salute you, my brother."

It's a great idea and feels pretty moving by the end.

Yet another classic Gwar video moment captured for posterity. You'll note that the band even has a new female member, Vulvatron [Kim Dylla of the Kung Fu Dykes], who adds some wicked vocals and much-needed sex appeal to the group.

Here's what the Onion had to say:

"The mighty scumdogs of GWAR have terrified A.V. Undercover with their presence twice before—first in the tiny round room with the definitive version of Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son,” then in our newer space with a sideways glance at Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car.” As everyone who follows evil rock from space knows, there was a great disturbance in the GWAR universe earlier this year: Either longtime leader Oderus Urungus disappeared into space, or his earthly analog, Dave Brockie, died. (Or some combination of the two.) Whatever the case, GWAR has decided to soldier on without him, adding two players to fill the void: New singer Blóthar is a Berserker who has appeared from the distant past (he may also have been a GWAR bassist in the early years), and Vulvatron is a “cybernetic female assassin” from the future. The band—which is in the midst of its GWAR Eternal Tour (dates below)—decided to tackle Pet Shop Boys’ 1984 hit “West End Girls” here, but they didn’t just leave it at that. Stick around as the song transitions into a version of Jim Carroll’s classic “People Who Died,” with the lyrics changed to salute friends of the GWAR family who’ve passed—including Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and, of course, Brockie/Urungus. Those are printed in full below: You might want to watch the song before reading them. It might the only GWAR performance to make you cry because you’re sad instead of scared.

“People Who Died” (GWAR version)

Robin slashed his wrist and then he hung from a rope.

Peter’s heart gave out after he’d kicked dope.

Jeff, bit by a spider, died of toxic shock.

Ryan drove his car right into a rock.

Cancer brought down Castleman.

Damn it, David. I miss you, man!


Those are people who died, died. (X4)

They were all my friend and they died.

Sean was beat to death by the Boston PD.

Drunk in his cell, no more Death Piggy.

Dimebag was shot by a lunatic fan.

Mike Scaccia died with a guitar in his hand.

Those were three more friends of mine.

Three more friends that died.

Crazy White Sean, how crazy could it get,

That he choked in a chat on the internet.

Cory died in his bunk at a border crossing,

The gap in his teeth still in need of a flossing.

Cory, I miss you my brother.

You left little Cory without a father.

Dave died alone in his chair in his room.

He had just turned 50, it was way too soon.

Oderus’ boat went up in flames,

Now all of Valhalla chants his name!

Oderus, I miss you more than all the others.

I salute you my brother!

Oderus died, died. (X4)

He was all of our friend and he died.