VIDEO: Richmond Hip-Hop Artist ChiChi The Kid's "Gospel Trap"

Shot in Idlewood, video tackles harsh realities of dealing in RVA.



Today saw the world premiere of a potent, "Menace II Society"-style video by local hip hop artist ChiChi the Kid featuring a guest spot by Young Tymer.

Style caught up with ChiChi, brother of local artist and performer Chinonyeelu Uchechi Amobi, to hear about the video, which paints the harsh realities of slinging illegal substances in RVA. [Note: a VCU Rams Havoc t-shirt makes a cameo at the 2:20 mark]

ChiChi: "My inspirations come from the actual voice from many individuals who risk their life daily hustling illegally for their needs and wants. A lot of people I know that partake in this lifestyle actually have grown weary of it and would like to stop because ultimately there's two final outcomes to it, death or jail. However they see no other way to feed their family or attain their desires.

'Gospel Trap' basically is telling the audience the truth about the trap. It's a way to get major finances, look good, get the girls, but longevity is not promised. We shot this video in the Idlewood, it's where Young Tymer, featured artist on the record, grew up.

One day he put a a screenshot of his housing area on ig and I knew at once it would be the best location for our video. The song is from my upcoming mixtape that will be released sometime in the top of '15 called "Weird Nikka With a Gun." I've been rapping for a little over five years now. I throw a monthly showcase called The Clash Party in different venues in the 804 which brings together a unique element of fans and artists. The video premiered today on the popular blog site, and its been featured on over seven blogs thus far."