Weekly Food Notes: Groceries, Buffalo Wings + More


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It’s finally here, South Side. Galley market and coffee shop has opened its doors and the beverages are flowing in the old Mandarin Palace spot in Stratford Hills Shopping Center. The kitchen and storage section is connected to Manny Mendez, Chris DiLauro and Johnny Giavos’ Galley Kitchen next door, although it’s a separate spot from the restaurant. You’ll find eat-in/takeaway meals, plus coffee drinks, grocery items, wine and beer. The last are for consumption on the premises only.

Growing up in the Fan, I’ve been going to Strawberry Street Cafe as long as I can remember. One memorable summer, the bartender gave me and my friends French fry “refills" when we stopped in during hot afternoons. Hopefully, what we lacked in cash, we made up for in entertainment. And now, the 41-year-old restaurant has made some big changes. You’ll find a lighter, brighter interior with modern booths and lighting, plus a gradually evolving menu. The salad-bar bathtub? Don’t worry — that classic isn’t going anywhere.

Anchor Bar claims it invented Buffalo wings — there’s plenty of dispute about this — but the point is now moot, at least in Richmond. Its local outpost at Stony Point Fashion Park abruptly closed last week.

Publix, the new, shiny grocery chain on the block, has announced its opening two more locations this week: One is located at the Colonial Square Shopping Center in Colonial Heights and another at Harbour Pointe Shopping Center in Chesterfield.


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