A New Restaurant From Mike Ledesma Is Opening in the Joy Garden Space


Let’s go to the default in the restaurant industry — constant change. Unrelenting, never-ending change. And that’s a good thing for Richmond diners.

People mourned when Joy Garden at 2918 W Broad St. closed last year. A fixture for 60 years, it was impossible to imagine the landscape without it. But it’s time swallow your residual sorrow — Mike Ledesma announced today that he’ll be opening a new restaurant in that much-loved space in Scott’s Addition. The chef has worked in a lot of cities, including Oahu, Hawaii, and says those places will influence the menu he plans, along with dishes he learned from his Filipino family.

Most recently, Ledesma was the executive chef for Richmond Restaurant Group and then revamped the menu at Kabana Rooftop. He plans to remain its executive chef.

“When you open a restaurant, you get to take full ownership of the menu and the path it’s going to take,” Ledesma said in a news release. “I like to have the ability to push culinary trends. When I play with food, I want it to be creative.”

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