To Mochi or Not to Mochi?

Whole Foods will help you decide.


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The jury is still out on what I think of mochi, those little round balls of ice cream encased in a thin layer of soft dough made from rice. I have always thought ice cream was just fine on its own, in a bowl, in a cone or on a stick and covered in dark chocolate.

But Whole Foods Market is betting the rest of you will eat them up. They now have a self-serve freezer full of flavors like double chocolate, green tea, matcha green tea, black sesame, sweet mango, ripe strawberry, red bean, vanilla bean and Kona coffee. They’re $1.50 each or $10 for $12. The freezer is near the bakery department.

Whole Foods Market, 11173 W. Broad St.,Glen Allen, 364-4050,


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