The Cultured Swine is on the Move

Its barbecued goodness will soon live on Kensington Avenue.


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The Cultured Swine is moving from its niche on Second Street in Jackson Ward to the Museum District. The barbecue joint plans to shut down on Sept. 16, but its food cart and catering business will still be going strong.

“We'll be adding a number of new menu items at our new location, from expanding our traditional barbecue options to adding more vegetarian and vegan options,” the company said in a news release.

The Cultured Swine began with a food cart in 2014 and opened next to Big Herm’s Kitchen on Second Street within a few months in a spot once occupied by Nate’s Taco Truck Stop. Co-owner Corey Johnson had managed the kitchen at Alamo BBQ, and began to think about doing his own version.

“The culinary focus, the name, even the equipment were the easy parts. The actual getting-legal aspect of getting a truck is the hardest part,” he said in 2014.

An opening in early 2017 is planned.


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