A New Owner Takes Over Patina Restaurant & Bar

It's a fresh start for the longtime West End restaurant.



An ad for a restaurant sale caught Joel Hagman’s eye a few months ago. It was for a familiar place -- one of his favorite restaurants, Patina Restaurant & Bar.

Hagman was ready to get out of medical sales. His territory spanned 11 states, and the Richmond native and father of two was ready to stay put.

“I love food and I love supporting the local community,” he says, “so for me, this was perfect.” For the last couple of years, Hagman had actively looked for a restaurant to buy. When he found out Patina was for sale, he knew he wanted to keep the place open.

The deal took longer than he thought, but Hagman was able to start Patina’s face-lift and menu overhaul in late July. The plan is to reopen Tuesday, Aug. 9. Sperity Real Estate Ventures represented the seller in the sale of the business. Hagman is leasing the space. He's the third owner in 17 years.

The change will be more of an update. Chef Todd Hicks is staying on and the two are collaborating on a menu that brings prices down from $20 and above to about $15. Hagman is expanding the bar to include six beer taps and a wider selection of cocktails -- while retaining old favorites. The interior will be brightened and wood flooring will replace the carpeting in the dining room.

Hagman’s main focus is making sure that Patina sticks to its mission of staying local, he says: “If anything, I want to push it as far as I can push it.”

Instead of calling farms, Hagman and Hicks want to visit their local suppliers every Monday while the restaurant is closed. They want to see the produce up close and buy it directly from the people who grow it.

Hagman and Hicks are figuring out which dates throughout the year they want to change the menu to keep it seasonal. Hagman also is working on a new sign and logo for the restaurant to signal its new beginning.

“[We] want to support the local farms, fresh ingredients,” Hagman says, “but what’s most important to me is giving back to the community.” patinarva.com.