The Remaking of Rancho T

The Fan restaurant will get a makeover this summer.


Rancho T is closed for a revamp, says co-owner Tuffy Stone. The spot took a hit when chef Aaron Cross left and the city rerouted traffic after a circle was installed where Floyd Avenue, Morris Street and Brunswick Avenue meet.

Nonetheless, business has been tough since the beginning. “As much as I love Rancho T,” Stone says, “it just didn’t satisfy enough people.” The decision was a recent one, coming on the heels of three slow weeks of business, he says. New chef Danielle Goodreau devised a menu that differed from the Latin American-inspired one of Cross, in the hopes of attracting new customers.

“When Ed [Vasaio] and I came up with the name, it was really inspired by a piece of artwork here on the wall,” Stonesays. “We didn’t think it called for a specific menu. We just wanted a good, neighborhood place.”

So Stone and Vasaio are taking a break in order to retool the menu, revamp the interior and change the name. Most important to Stone, though, is the assurance that Goodreau will remain in the kitchen.

“Danielle has the skills so that whatever she touches — be it a solid entree or a good sandwich — will be delicious,” he says. “I really believe in her.”