Pickup-and-Pay Service Has Begun at B.J.'s Wholesale Club

You have to get out of your car, but that's about it.


When you enter a discount warehouse store with its towering shelves of enormous tantalizing products, you'd better put on a pair of sneakers and get ready to hike. You’ve got a lot of walking to do to buy that 3-gallon jar of Dijon mustard.

Except at B.J.’s Wholesale Club. The company announced, as reported by the website Consumerist, that effective immediately, customers will be able to shop for items on the shelves of their local store online.

A B.J.'s employee will collect them for you and an email will be sent when they’re ready for pickup inside the store. It isn’t quite as convenient as the curbside service offered by Kroger on Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield, but there isn’t a $3.95 fee either.

Let’s all save our strength for spin class — where exercise belongs.