Even More Biscuits for the Fan

The Fancy Biscuit opens on West Cary Street.



At long last, the Fancy Biscuit has opened its doors. Shyndigz’s new baby took a while to gestate — more than a year.

Back in 2014, Shyndigz moved from Patterson Avenue to 1903 W. Cary St., morphing from a bakery with killer cakes to a full-blown dessert cafe that sells beer and wine along with its towering slabs of salted caramel chocolate cake and slices of double brownie pie.

"We turned away more business than we took," Bryon Jessee told Style about the move to the Fan two years ago. And business was so good at the new location, Jessee, along with his wife, Nicole, opened Shyndigz 2go & Market a short distance away at 1833 W. Cary St. to fill takeout orders and provide some space for diners waiting for a seat at the cafe proper.

The Fancy Biscuit, at 1831 W. Cary St., is the latest buttery wonder from the couple. The biscuits are loaded with unexpected ingredients such as fried chicken and blue cheese, bacon and arugula, or crunchy collards and a poached egg. You can grab a fork Wednesdays-Friday 8 a.m.-2 p.m.