Quickness RVA Expands Digitally and Geographically

More hungry people can take advantage of the bicycle delivery service.



Quickness RVA, powered by sweat and mad cycling skills, has expanded its delivery area and will add online ordering on Monday, April 18. This comes hard on the heels of the launch of Groupon’s digital ordering and delivery service, OrderUp.

The six-year-old local company will now send its riders beyond the Fan and downtown to the Barton Heights and Brookland Park neighborhoods as well. Manchester is the next delivery area up for consideration.

“Since we are a small local company, we are doing it in phases to make sure we can keep our reputation, starting with five to 10 restaurants for phase one,” says owner Frank Bucalo. “As soon as all our current restaurant partners — there are almost 30 — are rolling with online ordering capability, we hope to continue making relationships with more local restaurants.”

Quickness also works with Renew Richmond, a group that helps to establish organic community gardens, creates educational programs and provides produce from its gardens through its farm stands. Quickness is helping Renew Richmond make its fruits and vegetables even more accessible in areas of Richmond where finding fresh food can be difficult.

And Bucalo says the company wants to find ways to work with other small businesses to provide delivery service. “We recently paired with Photosynthesis Floral Designs over Valentine’s Day and delivered bouquets and floral arrangements by bicycle,” he says.

Once this network is solidified, Bucalo says that Quickness will be “basically like a local and ecofriendly Amazon Prime Now that will promote supporting small businesses.”