Drink Chocolate Beer for the Super Bowl

You read that correctly.



Some of us are thinking about Valentine’s Day, mainly (primarily) because of the promise of chocolate. Others are thinking about Super Bowl. I was pretty thrilled to find out that the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

I’m not talking about chocolate footballs — although how great would that be? I’m talking about beer made with chocolate — really, beer with chocolate added for a little flavor during the brewing process. The Virginia Tourism Corporation put together a nice list of the varieties available in the state. However, the list includes beer that contains flavor notes that might be characterized as chocolaty — in other words, beer that doesn’t contain any chocolate at all.

But why quibble? We’re talking beer here. Is a beer that’s contains chocolaty flavor notes lesser than one that can really and truly can boast about its actual chocolate content? I think not. Football needs chocolate and football demands beer, whatever its dang bona fides.

With that in mind, here’s the list, in all its glory:

Ardent Craft Ales:

  • Dark Rye, an American imperial stout with a dry, chocolaty finish
  • Center of the Universe Brewing Co.:

  • Orange is the New Stout, an imperial chocolate stout with oranges and sea salt
  • Shut Up 2015, a Belgian dark strong with a delicate chocolate finish
  • Hardywood Park Craft Brewery:

  • Raspberry Stout, a chocolate stout brewed with local red raspberries
  • Isley Brewing Co.:

  • The Bribe, an oatmeal porter with notes of coffee and chocolate
  • Choosy Mother, a peanut butter oatmeal porter with hints of chocolate
  • Legend Brewery:

  • Chocolate Porter: a porter with caramel and chocolate malts
  • Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery:

  • Vanilla Virginia Black Bear, a vanilla Russian imperial stout flavored with dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla
  • Heir Apparent, an imperial stout with caramel and chocolate flavors
  • Virginia Black Bear, a Russian imperial stout with notes of dark chocolate and coffee
  • Chai Tea Virginia Black Bear, a Russian imperial stout with the spiciness of Indian chai tea and dark chocolate flavors
  • Midnight Brewery:

  • Not My Job, a southern English brown ale with notes of toffee and chocolate
  • Midnight Granite, a rich oatmeal stout with a subtle roast and smooth chocolate notes
  • Strangeways Brewing:

  • Woodbooger Belgian-Style Brown Ale, a brown ale with hints of chocolate, caramel and fruit
  • Triple Crossing Brewing Co.:

  • Vanilla Night Lands, a spiced imperial stout with vanilla beans and cacao nibs
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