Caromont Farm's Baby Goats Need Your Love

Baby goats are the best.


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UPDATE: Unfortunately, Facebook notifications went out this morning, Jan.14, to say that Goatapalozza had been cancelled — perhaps because, when I checked yesterday, over 1,000 people had responded that they were interested in going to the event. Caromont Farm's Facebook page seems to be down as well. We'll all have to love the baby goats from afar from now on.

01-13-2016 3:38 pm: Please don’t tell my children about this or I’ll be driving to and from Esmont every weekend — and that’s about an hour and half from Richmond.

Why? Caramont Farm is in Esmont, and it needs your help cuddling baby goats, according to WVIR-TV NBC 29. The farm expects that in February around 90 baby goats will be born.

And because February is cold, THEY WILL NEED TO WEAR SWEATERS.

I do not use all-caps recklessly. Images of goats are just a few of the many cute baby animal pictures and videos floating around on the Internet. I would argue that they're the cutest. Ever. Please stop arguing with me.

And wearing sweaters? Are you kidding? I don’t know if I can handle seeing that in real life.

And it’s a worthy cause. Caromont Farm makes some of the best fresh and aged goat cheese around. We have a duty to keep the supply coming, don’t we? Everyone knows kids need love to grow up and make good cheese.

There's a glitch, I'm sorry to say. Caromont posted a sign-up sheet that's completely full now. However, you can keep your eye on Facebook to see if any more slots open up.

And the folks at the farm feel your pain. They’re throwing a snuggling event for anyone disappointed that they can't hug a baby goat. Goatapalooza will be held Sunday, April 3, from noon-4 at Caromont. No reservations necessary.