Secco to Move into the Old Buddy's Place Spot in the Fan

The wine bar will make the move in 2016.



Secco Wine Bar is moving to the old Buddy’s Place location at 325 N. Robinson St. next year.

“All my friends are having babies,” Secco owner Julia Battaglini says. “I’m having a 2,500-square-foot restaurant.”

Battaglini has been looking for a new spot since June. Originally, she wanted to renovate and expand the Carytown location in the event space next door. But she discovered that it simply wouldn’t be possible — the space couldn’t support the work that needed to be done.

Lions Paw Development’s owner, Charlie Diradour, who owns the building that’s been in his family since the mid-20th century on the corner of Stuart Avenue and Robinson Street, says that his company will do a complete renovation of the building, which should be ready by the summer. “I’m so happy to be doing business with someone I’ve known for the last 20 years,” Diradour says.

Battaglini says she’s ready for the move. “It’s going to be weird not to be in Carytown after 17 years, but it’s a bigger space, has a patio and has parking,” she says. “We’re growing.”

Once the space is finished, the transition from the Carytown location to the one in the Fan should be a smooth one. “Charlie is doing it all,” she says, “and we’ll just slide on over eight blocks away.”

CORRECTION: This article originally stated that the old Buddy's space was on the corner of Hanover Avenue and Robinson Street. It's actually on the corner of Stuart Avenue and Robinson Street.