A Portuguese Wine Dinner at Kanoa

When was the last time you had linguiça?



One thing Richmond lacks is a good Portuguese restaurant. Spain’s shadow looms large over the country that borders it on the west. Although plenty of comparisons can be made between the two types of cuisine, there also are plenty of differences. In fact, if you speak to someone from Portugal, they’ll say that Spanish food is, in fact, similar to their food, except that the Spanish get everything wrong. And, unsurprisingly, their Spanish neighbors feel exactly the same way — only in reverse.

We’ll let those guys duke it out. It’s worth seeking out authentic versions of both kinds of food. And despite Richmond’s lack of a real Portuguese restaurant, you can get a taste of what you’re missing Saturday, Nov. 14.

Kanoa Latin Cuisine, at 417 W. Grace St., will hold a Portuguese five-course wine dinner tomorrow night at 8:30. You can try a wide spectrum of offerings, from sopa de grao, a spinach & chickpea soup, to camarão y linguiça, which combines shrimp and Portugal’s traditional sausage in a honey-lemon paprika sauce. Those two dishes alone will show you why you want to search for and eat more of this country’s food.

Tickets are $85. You can call 588-9015 or visit facebook.com/kanoacuisine for more details.

And if you'd like to check out a review of Kanoa, pick up a copy of this week's issue or follow this link.

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