Drinking the Water

Restaurants working to raise awareness about importance of conserving the James.



The James River is Richmond's primary source of tap water, and restaurants around town, along with with the James River Association, are helping raise awareness about the importance of its conservation.

And they're doing it in tasty ways. The King of Pops is holding tight to his crown -- his latest frozen concoction is a coconut blueberry and Swedish fish pop.

This particular pop isn’t just another notch on the King’s frozen goal post. Owner Paul Cassimus came up with the combo for the James River Association’s “Water For Water” campaign, part of its educational program, “How Do You River?” which runs through September. It’s part of an effort to remind Richmonders of that thing with the Class IV rapids that runs right through the city.

“The James River is a source of drinking water and economic vitality for most Virginians, making it critical that we are all responsible stewards of the watershed’s natural resources,” said director of marketing and development Ryan Corrigan in a press release.

Fifteen restaurants throughout Virginia are participating in the campaign. Some will ask diners for an extra dollar when they request tap water. Others are creating special themed drinks or dishes that will benefit the organization.

Here’s a list of Richmond’s participating restaurants:

  • Amour Wine Bistro
  • Comfort
  • Deco Ristourante
  • Heritage
  • Mama J's Kitchen
  • Mbargo
  • Pasture
  • Secco Wine Bar
  • Shoryuken Ramen
  • Southbound
  • Star-lite Dining and Lounge
  • The Camel
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