Weekly Food Notes

New Richmond Gin, Filipino Festival + More



Tax man: Hardywood Park Craft Brewery and the city of Richmond have been in conflict over a $61,118 bill for back meals taxes. But that dispute may be settled, the Times-Dispatch reports. Rules for breweries have changed through the years, and now Mayor Dwight Jones has introduced legislation that would make the bill “legally uncollectible.” City Council must approve before the deal can be sealed.

New spirits: James River Distillery released its Navy Strength gin last week — a strong, 114-proof spirit named after the daily allotment to British sailors in the 19th century. It will join the distillery’s Commonwealth and Continental gins, but won’t be joining its siblings on the shelf. Navy Strength gin is available only by special order at your local ABC store. rdistillery.com.

Reopening: Max’s Positive Vibe Café opens Friday, Aug. 7 — bright, shiny and new after a summer renovation. positiveviberva.com.

Festivities: The 10th annual Filipino Festival will be held Aug. 7-8, with traditional music and dance, plus all the lumpia you can eat at Our Lady of Lourdes Church at 8200 Woodman Road. filipinofestival.org.

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