New Beginnings

The Estilo space is under renovation.



Toast and Hutch Bar & Eatery owners and Shoryuken Ramen co-owners Jessica and Josh Bufford never sleep. They have a new baby at home and also are busy planning their next venture in the old Estilo space at the Village Shopping Center.

While renovating, they’re also focusing on devising a menu that they’re passionate about.

“It’s the way I grew up eating when I visited my mom’s [family’s] farm — it’s the old tradition of meat and three,” Josh Bufford says. By three, he means three vegetable sides, and it used to be a common Sunday afternoon dinner throughout the South.

“The food will be at a lower price point [than Estilo] and the place will be family- and very kid-friendly,” he says. Although Buffords aren’t watching the calendar closely, the plan is to open some time in September.

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