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Rose & Eddie's wants to make you dinner.


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Linda Cox thought there was something missing in the Richmond dining scene. If you wanted a quick dinner for your family, you could order a pizza or get some Chinese takeout, but that was about it.

So, four weeks ago, she and her children, David and Kristel Young, opened Rose & Eddie’s, named after Cox’s grandparents, in the Huguenot Village Shopping Center. You can pick up family-size portions of things like lasagna, shrimp and grits, or pot roast with mashed potatoes, that are ready to go straight to the dinner table. She already has regulars that come in a couple of times a week.

“I like to see families eating together,” Cox says. “I don’t think it happens as much anymore as it should.”

Not everyone has the time or the skill to cook, she says, and Rose & Eddie’s is a way to get real food — not generically modified, antibiotic- and hormone-free — from Cox’s from-scratch kitchen to your house. She’s undeterred by the ingredients’ extra expense. “It’s a much better product.”

Both Cox and her children are restaurant veterans — Cox used to work at Joe’s Inn Bon Air, her daughter is a manager there and her son worked at the restaurant part-time in high school. David Young just got out of the Navy in December and while he was there, he cooked for hundreds on an aircraft carrier. You could say large portions are his specialty.

Cox originally wanted to set up the takeout restaurant as a nonprofit. “The logistics with that were just a nightmare,” she says. “But no one can stop us from giving away food.” She’s contacted churches in Chesterfield to help her to get meals to those who need them.

“Our goal is to earn a living doing what we want to do and to help people — to feed people.”

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