Good Eats

Chef Bryan Voltaggio comes to Richmond to cook on July 21 and 22.



Next week is a chance for some home cooking, if your home happens to have a James Beard-nominated chef who was also an alum of “Top Chef” and “Top Chef Masters” behind the stove. Volt and Family Meal’s chef and co-owner, Bryan Voltaggio, is also the author of “Home: Recipes to Cook with Family and Friends,” released this spring by Little, Brown and Co.

Voltaggio wants you to get a feel for how he cooks when he’s hanging out at his house, so on Tuesday, July 21 and Wednesday, July 22, he’ll serve a three-course meal based on recipes from his book at the Shops at Willow Lawn’s branch of Family Meal. You’ll have plenty of choices: anything from a Caesar salad made with collard greens to meatloaf with sriracha ketchup to a caramel corn sundae. He’ll sprinkle appetizers throughout the tables too.

In between course, Voltaggio will tell the stories behind the recipes that made their way into his book. Tickets that include a signed copy of "Home" are $75 and without it, tickets are $50. Follow this link for more details.

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