The Black Sheep Opens a New Patio

Grab a cold one and relax.



It may be hot, hot, hot, and all you want to do is lie directly under the air conditioning vent, but outside seats can still work after ordering a tall, cool drink or two. It’s all about acclimation -- and waiting until late in the day when the temperature starts to slide back down into more reasonable numbers.

The latest to join the patio game is the Black Sheep at 901 W. Marshall St. The Carver spot is owned by Kevin Roberts, who also co-owns Perly’s Restaurant & Delicatessen, and is known for enormous battleship-named sandwiches that would take a war hero to finish. The restaurant also has hot weather-friendly choices — salads and entrees like shrimp-and-rice or chickpea pancakes.

“It’s a chill spot away from foot and car traffic,” says bartender David Mingee of the new patio. “A little oasis with good food and great deals on beers and mixed drinks.”

Right now, the outdoor section is open from 4-8 p.m., Tuesdays-Thursdays, with Fridays and Saturdays coming in the future.

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