Best Outdoor Dining

Portico Restaurant & Bar makes OpenTable's roster of best outdoor dining.



So many lists. So many -- and Richmond seems to pop up on one or another each week. The latest one to come out, however, has some muscle behind it. Restaurant reservation website OpenTable looked at over 5 million reviews on its site, crunched the numbers and came up with the country’s 100 restaurants best for outdoor dining. Portico Restaurant & Bar, located at 12506 River Road, made the cut -- and it’s not surprising.

The Mediterranean restaurant makes the most of its rural setting and could be mistaken for a snug English cottage overflowing with flowers, if it weren’t for the small parking lot next door. In 2012, reviewer Tess Autry Bosher said, “Pulling up to the entrance on a dark night is like stumbling upon a little jewel box in the wilderness.”

Here’s a link, if you’d like to peruse the rest of the restaurants around the U.S. that made the cut.

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