Down the Drain

Triple Crossing Brewing makes a hard decision.


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They say if you drink enough beer you can kill the pain of a broken heart, but brewing it apparently smashes your heart and walks away, leaving it bleeding. Case in point: Today on Facebook, Triple Crossing Brewing announced that it had to dump 260 bottles of its Nectar and Knife DIPA this week.

“There, we said it out loud — still hurts,” the brewery’s page states. “What happened you ask? Honestly, we still aren’t sure, but our instincts say oxidation of some kind.”

During bottling, the brewers noticed less carbonation and a “muddled hop character” in the beer. They had to make a decision about what they were going to do — and quality over profit won out. Facebook commenters such as Brandon Tolbert, head brewer at the Answer Brewpub, RVANews’ Ross Catrow and lots of other Richmond beer lovers all over social media are solidly behind the decision, praising the brewery for its integrity.

Triple Crossing has bottled another run — one that lives up to its standards — and is now limiting Nectar and Knife DIPA to two bottles per person. “With our size,” they say, “we simply didn’t make enough beer to bottle the same amount after dumping what feels like a ton of it down our floor drain.”