Free Hops From Hardywood

The brewery needs your help.



Hardywood Park Craft Brewery never rests.

Four years ago it invited anyone who was growing hops in their backyard to contribute part of their harvest to the making of Hardywood’s RVA IPA, a wet-hopped, American-style India Pale Ale.

The brewery gathered enough fresh hops to make 40 gallons of the beer that year -- a pretty limited run. Undaunted, the brewers continue to whip up as much of the IPA they can annually.

With that in mind, Hardywood is offering free hop rhizomes from Piedmont Hops in mid-April to everyone who might want to try their hand at growing them. Giving back a portion of the results will make each gardener a player in creating an ultra local beer.

“Hardywood RVA IPA captures the terroir of Richmond,” a press release from the brewery stated, “and the spirit of its hop-growing beer enthusiasts.”

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