Going, Going, Gone.

Set up your own grocery store at home with a few items from Martin's.



I’ve always wanted a grocery store conveyor belt system. Haven’t you? Attach one end to the counter and the other to dining room table and voila! A horizontal dumbwaiter for the 21st century.

You, too, can assemble a real conveyor belt in your house if you raise your hand and start the bidding at the Martin’s grocery-store equipment auction at 1220 Sycamore Square in Midlothian. They’re selling everything. Every single thing. From cutting boards to the store's take-a-number system to “miscellaneous deli gloves, sign holders, etc.”

The uses of the take-a-number system alone are mind-boggling.

Our copy editor, G.W. Pointdexter, already has called one of the Hobart meat slicers (models 1812, 1912 and 2612 are available), and I have my eye on Follet 8-head soda fountain and Grindmaster coffee bean grinder. Of course, I may have to keep them on the back porch until we can expand our kitchen, but you won’t mind if I grind my coffee outside in the morning, will you? You can have a free soda anytime you want!

“The 74,000-square-foot store on Midlothian Turnpike at Charter Colony Parkway in Chesterfield will replace a smaller store in the nearby Sycamore Square Shopping Center,” the Times-Dispatch reported last June. No recycling for Martin’s -- the new store will be entirely new, right down to its Henny Penny HC900 heated holding cabinet.

The auction action starts this Monday, March 16, at 9 a.m., and there’s online bidding, too. Follow this link to get in your early bids for the Conwin balloon inflater or Edhard jelly fillers. Just stay away from the coffee grinder. That’s mine.

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