Developer Spurs Mass Pothole Fix in Manchester



A riled up developer has managed to compel the city to fill some of the more than 100 street craters known to cause mayhem for drivers in Manchester.

Recently, John Gregory of Fountain Head Properties took to the streets with camera and measuring tape in hand to document the potholes within a 55-acre residential and industrial area off of Hull Street. He said that the task took four hours.

Apparently the work wasn't in vain. Another Fountainhead employee mapped out the location of the potholes for Gregory to present to the city. He asked that the worst of the street craters be filled before the combined RVA Earth Day Festival and RVA Street Art Festival on Saturday. Gregory says that Councilwoman Ellen Robertson quickly connected with the Department of Public Works to correct the problem.

“We’re excited to see the progress in just a few short weeks. Pulling this off before [the festivals] was a minor miracle,” Gregory says. “The whole community is grateful to [Robertson] and the Department of Public Works, and all of Manchester’s supporters at the city.”

Department spokeswoman Sharon North says that so far this year, the city has filled 100 potholes in industrial Manchester. Before the department received word of Robinson’s request April 13, it had filled 79 in the area.

Most of the potholes identified by Gregory fall between Hull, Maury, Second and Seventh streets, where many of Fountainhead’s tenants have complained to him about the road conditions.

Gregory says that he was fed up with the potholes because his company and other businesses and residents have put their time and money into developing the rapidly growing South Side neighborhood. [Full disclosure: Style Weekly also leases space from Fountainhead.] Gregory notes that Fountainhead has invested $100 million in multifamily residences and businesses in Manchester, including the Plant Zero Arts Center and Papa’s Pizza.

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