Report: Richmond Public Works Director Worked on Mayor's Church

Adediran ordered to give up 38 hours of vacation pay.



Richmond’s director of public works has spent city time overseeing construction at a church where Mayor Dwight C. Jones is senior pastor.

Emmanuel O. Adediran spent hours on conference calls providing “guidance” on the project at First Baptist Church on Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield County, according to a finding by City Auditor Umesh Dalal first reported in the Times-Dispatch.

In response, the city has told Adediran to relinquish 38 hours of his accrued vacation leave.

Dalal sent this letter to Richmond Chief Administrative Officer Selena Cuffee-Glenn, saying that allegations he investigated related to Adediran are substantiated and that she should “take appropriate action, as deemed necessary.”

Adediran “spent at least 38 hours” over 18 months on church-related conference calls, according to Dalal. The public works director told Dalal in interviews that he serves as an assistant pastor at the church.

Cuffee-Glenn said in a statement: “This worker has assured the City that he only used personal time for matters unrelated to city business. However, out of an abundance of caution, the Mayor has instructed me to take appropriate action in an effort to remove any concern. The employee has been directed to relinquish 38 hours of accrued vacation leave. All parties are in agreement with this action.”

The city auditor has been highly critical of how the Jones administration has handled city finances.

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