Married by McAuliffe: Governor Applies to Become Civil Celebrant


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Since taking office, Gov. Terry McAuliffe has presided over two weddings. He apparently enjoyed himself, because last week he took steps to become a fully vested civil celebrant.

McAuliffe submitted an application with Richmond Circuit Court and paid the $86 filing fee. If his request is granted, it gives McAuliffe the power to officiate marriages of whomever, whenever.

McAuliffe so far has married two same-sex couples after applying for and receiving one-time authorizations from the court. The first was in October, shortly after the ruling that legalized the practice, and the second was in January.

McAuliffe’s spokesman, Brian Coy, says the first two women were family friends of one of the governor’s aides. The January ceremony was at the request of a state trooper who is close to the couple, Coy says.

Coy says he’s unaware of McAuliffe’s plans for future ceremonies.

“As far as we can gather,” Coy says, “he is the third governor in the nation and the first in the South to preside over a same-sex marriage.”


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