Urban Design Committee Turns on Floyd Avenue Bike Proposal



The Urban Design Committee voted Thursday to deny a proposal to turn Floyd Avenue into the city’s first bike-walk street.

The proposal next goes to the Planning Commission on Jan. 20 for a final review.

The proposal has upset some neighbors, who worry that it will take away parking spots. (Planners have said it won’t impact any legal spots.)

Some bike advocates haven’t been particularly thrilled with the proposal either, saying it doesn’t go far enough.

In its current form, some have suggested it will make the street more attractive to cars by replacing stop signs with traffic circles and, as a result, increasing the speed of traffic.

Bike advocates proposed reducing the speed limit from 25 to 20 mph. On Thursday, the city’s traffic engineer said a traffic study didn’t support such a change.

The advocates have also pushed for side-walk bump outs at intersections and mid-block speed humps, which were not included in the plan in response to concerns from neighbors.

Style detailed the issues in a September article.