Morning Links

McDonnell is sentenced, gun sales are down and Joe Morrissey is still in the news.


Yes, Bob McDonnell was sentenced to two years in prison. Yes, he’s filing an appeal. The Washington Post has a great vignette on Maureen’s appearance. We have some more tidbits and takeaways in Scrum.

Here’s what else happened yesterday:

A prosecutor has filed a complaint against Joe Morrissey in an attempt to have him disbarred. [T-D]

Joe Morrissey still leads in fundraising in next week’s special election. [Washington Post]

Firearms sales dropped last year because there were no widely-publicized mass shootings. [T-D]

Valentine’s Meat Juice t-shirts: It's like an RVA sticker, but only the most civic-pride-filled residents and in-the-know history buffs will get it. [Studio]

A first step in the city’s plan to overhaul its housing projects in the East End is moving forward. [BizSense, T-D]

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