A Letter from the Church Hill Association

The Church Hill Association's mission is to promote a sense of unity and common purpose among all the residents of Church Hill to develop a stable and desirable urban neighborhood. We are delighted to bring the HOGTOBER festival to Church Hill. Thank you to Style Weekly for their support and for using its resources to cult ivate Richmond's wonderfully eclectic range of neighborhoods.

All of the CHA's fundraising activities are channeled back into our community. Every year we support our two superb elementary schools - Chimborazo and Belleview - our local library, ChildSavers, the Family Resource Center, Richmond Hill, the Better Business Bureau, and Crime Watch. It's an important list and resources are always stretched, but sharing the net proceeds of HOGTOBER will allow us to continue to support our community organizations and projects. We hope for the continued success of HOGTOBER to bring more families to Church Hill to enjoy our wonderful Libby Hill Park, share Richmond's famous view of our scenic James River and leave wanting to return next year!

With Richmond and Style Weekly's continued support of this family festival, together we will further develop our investment in Richmond's oldest historic neighborhood and the larger community. Please come and enjoy the live music, the BBQ, and the family events! We look forward to welcoming you to the Hill.

Jon F. Ondrak

The Church Hill Association



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